Cleans and protects wood furniture and antiques.

Wood Furniture Cleaner - Rescue and Restore Antiques

  Lemon Oil Beeswax helps you take a garage sale or flea market wood furniture find and bring it back to a valuable family heirloom...and you can do it yourself! 

Expert Advice and Superior Wood Furniture Care Products.

A wood furniture cleaner, as well as wicker,
rattan, metal and marble.

Fine Furniture Care Secrets offers simple yet powerful solutions for the restoration, cleaning, protection and repair of wood furniture finishes, including... antiques, kitchen cabinets, faux finishes, painted wood, unfinished wood and combination materials (metal & wood) - all without hurting the finish.

Our product's tips and secrets, can rescue furniture suffering from damage due to dirt, grime, body oils, oxidation, old silicone, polish, mold, mildew, smoke film and soot, faded color and a variety of other problems. 

 Wood Furniture Cleaner, Antique Furniture Restorer, Remove Mold, Mildew and Cigarette Smoke Film, and old build up of Furniture Polish...

All in one bottle

Recue your antique office furniture, wenge wood furniture, antique bedroom furniture, english furniture, victorian furniture, antique furniture hardware, shaker style furniture, adirondack furniture, walnut wood furniture, pine furniture, oak furniture, maple furniture, hickory furniture, mahogany furniture, cedar furniture, blonde furniture, garden furniture, patio furniture, kitchen cabinets furniture, church pews, hotel furniture, motel furniture, antique wicker furniture and even wood guitars and pianos.

No extreme measure needs to be taken to beautify and clean wood furniture with this superior furniture cleaner. Very often, wood furniture does not have to be stripped and refinished to regain its beauty. In fact, stripping and refinishing can devalue fine furniture and antiques.

Quickly remove oily smudges, lipstick, wax build-up, grease, gum, adheasives, etc. You can also solve many serious furniture problems - smoke smell, mold & mildew removal, paint splatters, white water marks, enhance stain color and dried out finishes in one easy step.

In our restoration shop, we have used Lemon OIl Beeswax as a treatment on many styles of furniture. Use Lemon Oil Beeswax to extend the lifetime of your fine wood furniture. Preserve your legacy for future generations.

We strongly recommend that you DO NOT USE water and/or soapy water on wood furniture. To do so you run the risk  of loosening veneer, glued joints, raising the grain and damaging the finish. See our INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE link to help solve a variety of problems. You will find tips on how to clean wood furniture and antique furniture restoration. Also note the wood furniture care tips on the bottom of every page.

If you have a question on our remarkable furniture cleaner, or on a particular wood furniture care problem, email us! We are happy to help and share our knowledge. We will respond promptly.

Repurposing or restoring your furniture can be as simple as cleaning with Lemon Oil Beeswax. Just apply, wait, and wipe off is all it takes to clean, protect, and restore the beauty and value to your fine wood furniture and antiques...

  Use Lemon Oil Beeswax to clean wood furniture and get amazing results.

I used your Lemon Oil Beeswax on the cabinets at our summer cabin. They were very dry and discolored not to mention dirty. I applied the first coat with steel wool as you instructed. Then I put two coats on with a soft cloth. WOW! They are so beautiful!
Nellie, Iowa
furniture cleaner, antique furniture restoration
Polish Metal Hardware Along with Wood 
Lemon Oil Beeswax removes rust, cleans and polishes metal hardware, old tools and metal toys...
and inhibits rust from coming back!


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